Ben Affleck and a response to Dave Bailey

Last week my peer and fellow film student, Dave Bailey, posted to his blog a comment defending the acting endeavours of one Mr. Ben Affleck.

Dave’s gripe -available here– came as a result of a feature that appeared on the Moviefone website entitled, Seven Actors Who Are Better Directors: a self-explanatory blog post that uses Affleck as its reason d’être.

Essentially, Dave claims that the charges levelled at Affleck as an actor are unjustified; this is not so.  Affleck’s early career was indeed very promising, but he took the path of least resistance and opted for the paycheque, like so many others before him.  No one doubts the Bostonian’s ability to hold the screen and deliver fine performances, but if it’s in a film like Gigli or Surviving Christmas, who gives a shit?

And if you also consider that during Affleck’s ‘dark time,’ friend and collaborator, Matt Damon, made a the likes of The Departed, Syriana, The Good Shepherd, The Brothers Grimm and a two-thirds of the Bourne franchise, it puts things into perspective a little more.

Ultimately, these “bad films” (as Bailey Puts it) taint the legacy of a man who is an Oscar-winning screenwriter and who may, one day, receive the same recognition as a director.

Still, after viewing Gone Baby Gone and The Town, there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel for Affleck, but we ought not to forget that we all had to wade thru some shit to get there.


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