Short Film: Masks

Masks (Short Film)

Dir. Roseanne Watt, Lorcan Henry & Aidan Nicol
Screenplay. Roseanne Watt
Cinematography. Lorcan Henry & Aidan Nicol
Cast. Roseanne Watt, Joe Christie, Mhairi McNeill, Cara McDiarmid, Aidan Nicol, Jason Gray & Chris Halcrow
Editor. Lorcan Henry
Music. Slide, Dresden Dolls

– – – – – – – – – –

I first came across this tender little film a few months back and was quietly impressed.  It’s since been brought back to my attention by film critic, Mark Kermode, who mentions it in today’s Observer.

The film focuses on the issues of the “destruction of identity that can result from drug misuse.” It’s really a very graceful and tempered short that attempts to avoid  the trappings of over-indulgence and embellishment that can occur when young people define drug use.

Of course, it’s not perfect, but what we get is a thoughtful and slightly haunting peak into one particular individual’s suffering.

It was produced and directed by the kids of Maddrim Media, a youth group established three years ago, way up in the Shetlands (which is why i have printed full credits).

The group is well supported by Shetland Arts, and is regularly championed by Kermode, who along with his Lecturer spouse, Linda Ruth Williams, curate the Shetland film festival, Screenplay.

Maddrim Media are given a one hour slot at the festival each year with which to showcase their works, and what results is a plethora of  intelligent, dynamic, quirky, yet mature short-cinema that deserves gander.

Screenplay kicked off yesterday (28th August) and runs through til the 5th Sept.

Click links below to view the festival site, and more films from Meddiam Media:


Maddrim Media


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