Sony to use unknown for Spider-man reboot

The L.A Times is reporting that Sony is to ditch the big names for their reboot of the Spider-man franchise. 

Sony originally planned to release the fourth instalment of the franchise in summer, 2011, but creative differences forced director Sam Raimi and star Toby Maguire to abandon the project.

The studio is now set to begin all over again only with a planned release date of 2012 in 3-D – only ten years after the original Spider-man movie. 

The studio is set to be looking at a handful of relatively unknown actors, such as Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott) and Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Centre of the Earth). 

In recent years, the success of traditional ‘star’ pictures has been in decline. Instead, narrative-driven and visual spectacle films like Avatar, Twilight and Harry Potter have dominated at the box-office. Sony are desperate to release a new Spider-man feature to capitalise on the industry’s recent successes with 3-D.

The previous Spider-man trilogy starred Hollywood a-lister Toby Maguire and has grossed nearly $2.5bn worldwide.


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