A night at the Oscars!

Oscar season is very much upon us, and newspapers and film magazines are once again filled with the usual rival-inspired copy.

For the first time, however, there is a woman in the running for the Best Director and Best Film categories. To add a healthy dose of controversy fuel to the fire, the two are ex-husband and ex-wife. The directors in question are Katheryn Bigalow, and James Cameron, who are nominated for their efforts, The Hurt Locker and Avatar respectively.

A victory for either will provide news all over the globe; Bigalow, whose previous films include Point Break and Strange Days, would be the first ever female to be awarded a Best Director Oscar.  Whereas Cameron, who had previously won for Titanic, has directed the highest grossing film of all time, Avatar.

If the Writer’s strike, that occurred over the winter of 2007-08, had any effect, it was telling in the quality of the mainstream films that were released over 2009.  Unfortunately, this slump occurred in the same year that the Academy decided to increase the number of nominees in the Best Picture category to ten –thus paving the way for slightly sub standard of movies to add: ‘Nominated for Best Picture’ to their DVD covers.


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